Andrew Morris

Before joining the ICFR as Research Manager in 2013 Andrew spent 18 years with the Usutu Pulp Company in Swaziland (1979-1997), first as Research Officer and then Forest Research Manager, and 16 years with Sappi Forests (1997-2013) as General Manager Research.  He obtained a PhD from University of Reading, UK, in 1987.  Over a career spanning 35 years Andrew has developed a broad scope of interests in applied forestry research in support of sustainable industrial wood plantations.  In particular; forest site classification, sustainable forestry practice, site-specific forestry practice, reg

Sally Upfold

Sally has 20 years’ experience in research knowledge and communication management, marketing and media, with nearly 15 of these in the transfer of technology and knowledge from forestry and applied research. She has written and edited over 50 publications, including peer-reviewed papers, technical reports, handbooks and company annual reports and is co-editor of the South African Forestry Handbook (2012). In addition she has presented more than 15 papers or posters at national and international conferences.

Ilaria Germishuizen

Ilaria is currently Programme Manager of Spatial Technologies at the Institute for Commercial forestry Research (ICFR) in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. She gained a Doctoral degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Rome La Sapienza, Italy and a MSc in Zoology from the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

Joel Cele

Joel Cele obtain his BSc Agric at the University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg and is currently busy with an MSc in Plant Breeding. He is employed as a Research Scientist in the Tree Improvement Programme working mainly with Eucalypts.

Joel''s research interests lie in 1) the improvement of cold tolerant eucalypt species, 2) development and testing of eucalypt hybrids and 3) the testing and improvement of alternative eucalypt species. He is currently working on the E. grandis x E. macarthurii hybrids, E. badjensis, E. dunnii, C. henryi.

Julian Moreno Chan

Julian's professional experience, mostly with the private sector in Mexico, Australia and South Africa, includes forest mensuration, tree improvement, wood quality as well as plantation silviculture and management for a range of tropical, subtropical and temperate species. His research interests include understanding the biological principles driving adaptation and productivity of different genetic populations and genotypes, breeding strategies, the role of silviculture and plantation management for maximising realised gain, wood quality, and methods for screening wood properties.

Karin Nagel

Karin is currently responsible for the financial and administration function at the ICFR. She has 26 years working experience, of which 20 have been at the ICFR. 

Louis Titshall

Louis has strong research interests in soil conservation and management, and general agro-ecosystem sustainability research and practices. He also has interest in degraded land rehabilitation and waste management, with an emphasis on soil processes. His undergraduate training in rangeland ecology provided a firm base on which to grow his soil-based experience and help him recognise the importance of the often undervalued soil resource.