Terminology for Roundwood Timber Transport

Oberholzer F
Publication Type
Publication Year
FESA Technical Note 01-2003

During a recent study of shorthaul transport of roundwood pulpwood in South Africa, it was established that the greatest single factor affecting the quantification and assessment of the financial impact of this mode of transport on the timber transport industry was the lack definitive terminology and additionally, the use of inappropriate terminology.

The need to define the various facets of logging operations stems firstly, from the considerable misuse of terminology related to harvesting methods and systems, and secondly, from the wide variety of harvesting systems and methods applied in the delivery of roundwood timber during stump to mill operations in South Africa. This in particular during pulpwood logging operations where depots and rail siding are used extensively.

Adequate information from local and international literature exists in order to apply acceptable terminology to all individual operations within traditional timber transport systems in South Africa. Thus the solution lies in internationally accepted terminology and definitions of primary and secondary transport and to make provision for South African conditions within these definitions.