Benice Sivparsad

Bernice Sivparsad
Project leader: Eucalypt forest protection
PhD (Plant Pathology) - UKZN

Dr Benice Sivparsad joined the ICFR after working as a post-doc in Plant Pathology at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, where she also completed her PhD. Benice's expertise lies in plant virology (virus identification and characterisation),   molecular biotechnology (transgenic virus resistance) as well as biological control. Benice is a member of the Southern African Society for Plant Pathology, where she currently holds the position of secretary for council. While at UKZN, Benice supervised honours and masters students and has also published  a number of peer-reviewed publications.

Currently at the ICFR, she is working on developing integrated pest management strategies aimed at minimising risk to tree plantations (and in particular, looking at white grub).


Title Authors Source Year Sort descending
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